The Philanthropic World has neglected Older Adults. 

We Can Do Better. 

By investing in both community outreach and aging research, we provide immediate resources for individuals in need today, while investing in research that addresses social disparities for tomorrow's older adults.

In 2008, Bob and Robert Gillette were on their way home from a charity event, discussing the quality of the banquet meal and the mission of the organization they made their donation to. It struck them that neither of them were very good! In fact, despite have more than 50 years of combined senior service experience between them, neither Bob nor Rob could articulate the impact their donation would have on helping under-served older adults.

"We can do better" became a mantra.

Discussions with Dr. Peter Lichtenberg, head of the Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology, led to creation of the Baldwin Society Supporting Older Adults (previously known as the American House Foundation).

Today, we remain to be the only non-profit created solely to address the gaps between government subsidy programs and services, and what seniors actually need to remain independent.

Since then, more than $2.3 million (and counting) has been raised and tens of thousands of older adults have been served.

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Aging successfully on a fixed income in today's world is tougher than ever.

Did you know that many critical daily essentials are generally NOT covered by Medicare and/or Medicaid?

Access to these daily necessities can make the difference in keeping an older adult safe and independent.

Here are just some of the items our micro-grants provide for older adults in need: 

•  grab bars for bathrooms
•  ramps for safe access at home
•  transportation to medical appointments
•  home safety repairs
•  eyeglasses
•  dental repairs (and/or dentures)
•  hearing aids
•  shower chairs
•  pressure mattresses
•  mental health co-pays and deductibles
•  home care
•  refrigerators (to store medicine/food)
•  pest infestations 
•  fresh fruits and vegetables


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