Here are the stories of just a few of the people we've been able to help this year thanks to your generous donations.  

After an emergency roof repair, Mrs. K's savings were wiped out and she fell behind on her utility payments. When The St. Francis Center told us she was in danger of having her electricity shut off, we were able to step in and make sure that didn't happen.

When Mrs. R's home was condemned by the city, she had no choice but to leave it behind and look for a new place to live. When The Senior Alliance told us what was happening, we knew we had to step in and help.

With a monthly income 100% below the federal poverty level, replacing a dangerous stove was out of the question for Luella. We were able to quickly replace her stove so she would be safe in her home. 

After a terrible bug infestation resulted in nearly all of her furniture to be destroyed, Mrs. Bailey found herself unable afford replacing it. A grant from us provided her a mattress, a sofa and a recliner so her home felt like a home again.

With only $114 of disposable income each month, Mr. C. found himself making the difficult choice to delay bill payments so he could afford food to eat. With a little assistance, we were able to get him caught up so he didn't have to go hungry.

When The Information Center let us know that Mr. W had endured several dangerous falls in his bathroom and was on the verge of losing his independence, we were able to step in and provide the resources to have grab bars and handrails installed.

After becoming a victim of crime in her home, Mrs. G was afraid she would be forced to move. When the Area Agency on Aging asked for our help, we were able to work with The Victim's Advocacy group to install security cameras to deter future events and keep Mrs. G safe and in her long-time home.

What Our Partners Are Saying

“Many seniors turn to Hannan as a last resort when they have an urgent need and those requests are often fulfilled because of generous funding from the Baldwin Society Supporting Older Adults.”

Hannan Center

“The Baldwin Society Supporting Older Adults is the silent hand that supports the weakest among us, and without their support, many older men and women would suffer.”

Habitat for Humanity Macomb

“They say the greatest gift you can give someone is to do something for them for which they can never repay you. The Baldwin Society Supporting Older Adults is that organization for our residents.”

Martha T. Berry Foundation

 “The funds from the Baldwin Society Supporting Older Adults help to improve the lives of low income seniors and allow them to live independently in their own homes.”

The Information Center

“The Baldwin Society Supporting Older Adults has been an invaluable collaborator for service provision to low income and at-risk older adults we serve as the southern and western Wayne County Area Agency on Aging.”

The Senior Alliance

“The Baldwin Society Supporting Older Adults allows us to keep programs such as our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable delivery and our Senior Luncheons in place.”

Lighthouse of Oakland County


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